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About Us

Simple Man Distillery partners with local Georgia farmers to create world class spirits with a Southern Soul.

We do things the hard way.  This is because we hustle around the state securing fresh ingredients and make sure they are processed locally guaranteeing that all our sources are fresh as can be.  Driving a truck around Atlanta rush hour with more than a ton of fruit in the back can make your knuckles permanently white.  The industry norm is to order ingredients from a wholesaler and have everything nicely processed from a distant land while being delivered to your doorstep.  Fresh just doesn’t happen.  We go get it.

The Simple Man Distillery name was chosen for two reasons.  

The first reason is a belief that a simplified life is more satisfying.  When we complicate matters and  misplace our priorities, trouble and strife finds us.  Justin was tired of traveling in previous jobs and realized that his family is a top priority.  Helping coach his kids’ sport teams and volunteering in our community provides a sense of peace and fulfillment.

The second reason Simple Man Distillery was created is out of love for our neighbors.  Simplifying our ingredients in our food and drinks is just the right thing to do.  Georgia is an amazing state for produce and agriculture.  We have many different regions that provide so many world class fruits and vegetables.  From the mountains of Ellijay rolling through the Piedmont into plains and coastal regions, our neighbors that are hard working farmers shower us with the fruits of their labor.  Farm-to-table restaurants and breweries are highlighting these noble endeavors, but spirits seemed to be a missing piece.  Simple Man Distillery is designated "Georgia Grown" by the Georgia Department of Agriculture for using local ingredients to produce here in Georgia.

We do not want to talk the talk.  We work extra hard to walk the walk.  Do we fail sometimes? Yes.  However, we make a conscious decision to work towards that goal each and every day we wake up.  When those efforts succeed, it is worth it.   What Simple Man Distillery does cannot be accomplished without the help of our neighbors and we love them for it.

Simple Man Distillery does not have a place of operations, but we rent out space from existing distilleries to make our recipes.  The goal is to build our brand to connect with investors and make a permanent home.

Justin Douglas
Justin Douglas
Justin Douglas, Owner and Founder

Hi, I’m Justin Douglas and am the owner and founder of Simple Man Distillery™ located in metro Atlanta, Georgia.

I am a native son of Georgia and like to think that I am a part of part of the “New South”.  The spirit and enterprise of our great state has much to offer to the world and the future is bright.  How is this accomplished?  By loving our neighbors.  We celebrate the hard work farmers do toiling the land and give them the credit that's due.

My father’s side of my family lived in Kentucky.  While there are no documented bootleggers, I have found some “relics” that led me to believe that it was a possibility.  This instilled an early interest in spirits that has not gone away.  Simple Man Distillery ™  was born from these roots.  Really, my story is not important, it is the heroes in our backyard that should be championed.

Blake Nipper

Hi!  I'm Blake Nipper.  I am a recent graduate from Georgia College & State University and I am on the Simple Man Distillery team.  Since I don't know how to 'describe' myself I'm just going to state random facts about me:  1) I want to work in the film industry one day, preferably behind the camera. 2) I could eat Mexican food every single day. 3) I need music to survive. 4) In the fall I spend my Sundays watching NFL all day (go Panthers). 

I have never been to Europe but reallllly want to go. Sushi disgusts me (it's bait, not food!). Fall is the best season, Summer may be the worst. I love quality beer and appreciate all craft beverages. I love dogs (and cats). 

How do I keep my life simple you may ask? Well, that's simple. I go with the flow and I don't let little things stress me out. I keep it simple, man. Cause that's how life should be.

Justin Sheehy

 A native of the Washington DC area, Justin Sheehy has been working his songwriting and performing craft for 25 years and is the song writer behind Simple Man's jingle.  Touring in the early 2000’s with his band Jonasay, Sheehy had the opportunity to share the stage with headliners like Hootie and the Blowfish, Edwin McCain, Vertical Horizon and many others.  Sheehy’s other credits include scoring several independent films, and composing music cues for the popular cable tv show Drinking Made Easy.  Married, with a 2-year-old daughter, Justin Sheehy works on various projects from his home-based studio, and continues performing acoustic and full-band shows.  His upcoming projects include the release of a full-length studio record, containing his latest original songs. 

Nick Branon


I have had a passion for craft beer and spirits since I first turned 21. As a bartender, I love helping people enjoy spirits and bringing drinks to life. I am definitely am thrill seeker but enjoy the simple things, like punching people in the face. I am a mixed martial artist and have trained and competed since the age of 9. When I am not training for a fight, sipping on a nice drink or preparing a delicious cocktail for a guest at the bar, I am spending time with my fiance and baby girl. Bringing a daughter into this world has been an eye opener and it's definitely all about her now. Working in the spirits industry is a dream of mine. So I am so blessed to be part of not the newest farm to glass craft distillery: Simple Man. 

Surrounding myself with the people I love and focusing on the things I am passionate about are the only ingredients needed to keep my life simple.


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"...A new venture adds the skills of his partner, Jovan Sage, herbalist, doula, and proprietor of Sage’s Larder, to the creation of a smooth gin with farm-grown hibiscus, an age-old Gullah Geechee ingredient. The two launched Gullah Geechee Gin in partnership with Justin Douglas of Simple Man Distillery in Atlanta..."

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Fun podcast with Jonathan and Kristina

Atlanta Voyage-January 19, 2019

"... Simple Man Distillery makes farm-to-glass spirits made from crops grown right here in Georgia. It was a long road to get here though..."



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